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Rehab (Bridge), New Construction, and Rental Property Loans

Norwich Loan Application

Investment Properties in Norwich

The real estate market in Norwich,Connecticut is actually performing very well in 2024 despite all the turmoil in other parts of the economy! There are tons of opportunities to make money in real estate investments in Norwich!

The median sale price for a home in Norwich is 173507, compared to the state's median value of 280700 (61.81225507659423). There are 732 vacant land lots available for sale in Norwich as of Jun 2024. The population is currently 40,178 in Norwich with a strong and growing economic base.

Norwich continues to be a great place to invest in rental properties; median asking rent for vacant apartments is $73,142.00, and for apartments occupied you can ask renters to pay $887.  

If you're looking for investing opportunities, fix and flip properties, new construction, and long-term rentals are a good option in Norwich right now. Besides potential to make money on real estate investments Norwich has so much to offer, it's no wonder why Norwich is a popular choice for people to settle down (or buy that perfect investment). Apply with Lend Some Money today to kick start your investment opportunities.
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Loan Information for Norwich, Connecticut

If you're looking for a bridge loan, or funding for new construction or rental investment property in Norwich, Connecticut we can help; Lend Some Money (LSM) offers private money for real estate, built for your local investment needs in Norwich. We are one of the premier hard money lenders in Connecticut. See the chart below to review our current offerings in Norwich.

Loan Products FICO$ LoanTermRatePoints
FIX&FLIP (BRIDGE)600+$75K+1-18 MonthsStarting @ 7%1-4
RENTAL (1-4)640+$75K+30 YearStarting @ 5.8%1-4
RENTAL (5+)640+$250K+30 Year, 5, 7,10 or interest only**Starting @ 5.8%1-4
NEW CONSTRUCT620+$75K+1-18 MonthsStarting @ 7%1-4

  All loans must be used for non-owner occupied properties purchased for investment. Commercial properties are not eligible for lending unless they are mixed use and comprise at least 50% residential use.
 ** 30 Years 5, 7, 10 or interest only