Lend Some Money (LSM) Financing for the purchase and renovation of non-owner-occupied properties.  We have loan options that are flexible and help you get the capital you need, quickly.

Fix and Flip (Bridge) Loans

Financing for the purchase and renovation of non-owner-occupied properties. We have loan options that are flexible and help you get the capital you need, quickly.

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About Fix and Flip (Bridge) Loans

Whether you’re a house flipping expert or this is your first real estate investment project, Lend Some Money provides private, hard money capital for quickly so you never miss out on a great opportunity. You’re only charged interest on the outstanding balance, not the rehab holdback, so you can maximize your resources without paying for funds you aren’t using.

Lend Some Money Program - Fix and Flip (Bridge) Loans

Additional info about Fix and Flip (Bridge) Loans

Rates as low as 10.25%+
Close in little as 7 days
Minimum 620 FICO requirement
Borrow up to 90% of purchase price, 100% of rehab costs, 75% of ARV
Dedicated Loan Officer

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FAQs for Fix and Flip (Bridge) Loans

Getting a loan can be confusing sometimes. Between underwriting requirements, loan rates and terms, it can be hard to figure out but we're here to help you! Here are answers to some very common questions we get...

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You Have Questions? We have Answers!

A: Unfortunately, we do not issue loans for transactional funding.

A: Banks are typically unwilling to take on the additional risk associated with lending for non-owner occupied properties. The underwriting process for conventional mortgages is drastically different and not suited for funding these properties.

A: Fix and flip loans, which are a type of bridge loan, are made for this purpose and can fund up to 90% of a property's purchase price and up to 100% of any renovation costs needed to make a property safe, livable and ready for sale to a future buyer. Lend Some Money specializes in these loans. For more information on rates, you can fill out an application to receive a quote specific to your project.

A: Generally, the minimum required credit score for a fix and flip loan is 600.

A: You must contribute at least 10% of the total cost, which includes both purchase price and rehabilitation costs, at the time of funding. So the maximum loan value is 90% of the total cost.

A: Loans for purchasing and rehabbing properties must be at least $75,000 and generally no larger than $2,000,000.

A: A hard money lender is a private lender that lends on properties that traditional banks and mortgage companies won't finance, particularly properties that are non-owner occupied or currently not inhabitable.

How to Pick the Right Contractor

Picking the right contractors to help with a rehab fix and flip project is crucial. Follow some of these guidelines to help your project be successful.

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Looking for more detail?

There's no doubt that working with a contractor can make or break your renovation project or new construction build. But if you take the time to find the right person for the job, those risks can be minimized. Here are Five steps to finding the right contractor:

1) Get referrals: The best way to find a good contractor is through referrals from people you trust. Ask your friends, family, or colleagues if they have any recommendations. Once you have a few names, do some research on each one. 
2) Check their credentials: Make sure the contractor you're considering is properly licensed and insured. You can check this information online or by calling your local chamber of commerce.
3) Read reviews: Another good way to learn about a contractor is to read online reviews. See what past clients have to say about their experience. 
4) Get a written estimate: When you've narrowed down your choices, get a written estimate from each contractor. Be sure to compare not just the price, but also the scope of work and payment terms. Some may require partial payment up front, and ideally the best way to protect yourself is to ensure that payment is remitted as work completes.
5) Check references of past clients: A contractor should happily provide references from past clients, and depending on the project those individuals are excited to show off their recently completed project. They'll be able to give you unfiltered feedback and what could have gone better with the project.
By following these steps, you can find a good contractor that you can trust to do a great job on your project.

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