Lend Some Money (LSM) Financing for ground-up construction or tear down and rebuild projects.  We can get your New Construction Loan for an investment property processed and approved for funding, fast.

New Construction Loans

Financing for ground-up construction or tear down and rebuild projects. We can get your New Construction Loan for an investment property processed and approved for funding, fast.

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About New Construction Loans

Lend Some Money designed this loan program so that experienced investors and contractors have a straightforward, common-sense lending program that provides them the short-term capital needed to fund their construction projects. We offer fast close times and underwriting flexibility that is not available through conventional financing.

Lend Some Money Program - New Construction Loans

Additional info about New Construction Loans

Rates as low as 10.89%+
Interest-only payments
Potential to defer loan costs, including interest
Minimum 650 FICO requirement
Borrow up to 80% of loan-to-cost (LTC), 100% of construction costs, 75% of ARV
Dedicated Loan Officer

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FAQs for New Construction Loans

Getting a loan can be confusing sometimes. Between underwriting requirements, loan rates and terms, it can be hard to figure out but we're here to help you! Here are answers to some very common questions we get...

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You Have Questions? We have Answers!

A: No, hard money lenders require that all properties be non-owner-occupied and purchased for investment purposes.

A: A hard money loan is a loan issued by a private lender instead of a traditional mortgage company or bank, which is traditionally for owner-occupied only. Hard money loans are purpose-built for non-owner occupied properties to cover percentage of the purchase price and typically up to 100% of the of the renovation/repair costs with the final purpose to resell or rent.

A: Attaining a loan for New Construction requires a minimum credit score of at least 620.

A: Unlike some other types of hard money loans, new construction loans depend on whether you already own the property. You are required to pay a minimum down payment of 35% on the property purchase if you haven't acquired it yet but only 10% down payment on any of the construction costs. So depending on if you own the property yet and the cost ratio of purchase to construction costs, you can take out anywhere between 65% to 90% of the total all-in cost out as a loan.

A: Loans for new construction properties vary in size but should be at least $75,000 and normally do not exceed $2 million.

A: No. In order to qualify for a hard money loan it must be funding a new construction that is on a permanent foundation.

A: Generally not unless you have prior experience and/or licensing as a general contractor.

A: Unfortunately, No. Manufactured or modular homes are not covered and the construction must be on-site of the land/property for a new construction hard money loan.

Maximizing Your New Construction Success

Some items to consider when trying to maximize the value of any new construction project.

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Looking for more detail?

Are you thinking of building a new investment home? There are many benefits to doing so, including the ability to customize the home to fit the current demographics and an added sense of comfort of builders' warranties. 


✓ There is an increasing demand for new construction
✓ Higher code standards for energy efficiency
✓ Ability to control margins when building to suit
✓ Warranty on home and appliances available that can be transferred to the buyer

However, there are also some things to watch out for:

✓ Ensure the land is zoned properly
✓ Surveying has completed and is approved to build by the local municipality with approved utilities
✓ Speculative building can be risky if you don't understand your buyer demographic well enough, leaving a home on the market longer than expected

By working with a reputable builder, you can avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur during construction.

Understanding the volatile nature of construction costs and materials can also help you to budget properly and avoid any surprises.

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